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Workshop on Methodologic Approaches and Country Benchmarks 17-21 June 2019 02 July 2019

In the course of improvement of the Beneficiary’s relevant staff capacity concerning implementation of NIS Directive and member state practices, which is one of the expected results of the project, a workshop on methodological approaches and country benchmarks has been organized on 17-21 June 2019. In this direction, lectures on below topics have been given by IT Law and NIS Directive experts.

  • NIS Directive Requirements
  • Methodological Approaches & Country Benchmarks
  • Gap Analysis on Current Turkish Legislation
  • Incident Reporting & Cooperation and Communication
  • Gap Analysis on Current Turkish Legislation

National Legal Advisor, has made introduction to below topics:

  • NIS Directive
  • Critical Sectors
  • Types of Legal Regulations in EU Law

The Directive has been examined in detail and the definition of critical sectors has been emphasized. The need for digital systems in the public and private sectors has been mentioned, and the necessity for the dissemination of various standards has been explained.

NIS Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor from e-Governance Academy (eGA) has attended as lecturer. The topics below have been explained in detail:

  • NIS Directive Risk Management and Incident Reporting Obligations for OESs
  • Common security requirements for OES
  • ENISA and international guidelines for evaluating OESs
  • Practices of selected countries
  • Tasks of competent authorities

Legal Advisor from eGA, explained the main components of NIS Directive in detail. In this scope, below topics have been mentioned:

  • Practices of selected countries
  • Methodologies and criteria for determining OESs 
  • Regulation of Digital Services and Digital Service Providers (DSP)
  • Criteria for the significant impact of the incident in National Laws
  • Cooperation between competent bodies in EU

Selected EU member states were examined in the context of cyber security.  Methodological approaches to identify critical sectors are explained. Incidents notifiable by OESs and methods for identifying significant incidents have been described.

National Legal Expert, has explained Gap Analysis & Legislative Proposals Report which is to be completed at later phases of the project, in detail. In this sense, below topics were explained:

  • Requirements for implementation of NIS Directive
  • Gap analysis between Turkish national legislation and NIS Directive requirements


The requirements of the NIS Directive for implementation into the critical sectors to be identified as well as with the national legislation have been examined in detail.

Solutions and proposals for implementation of the NIS Directive have been discussed.

The workshop was conducted in close cooperation with the project team of the Beneficiary and the technical assistance team of KMO and eGA consortium. The workshop has fully achieved its objectives and has been successfully completed.